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IRA Charitable Rollover

IRA Charitable Rollover

An IRA rollover allows people age 70½ and older to reduce their taxable income by making a gift directly from their IRA.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

You transfer your cash or appreciated property to fund a charitable remainder unitrust. The trust sells your property tax-free and provides you with income for life or a term of years.

Donor Advised Funds

Our donor-advised fund options allow donors to support charitable organizations or projects without worrying about administrative details. You will receive an immediate tax benefit at the time of contribution and then have the flexibility to make grants to nonprofit organizations over time.

Endowment Gifts

A Nonprofit Endowment Fund is a permanent fund at OCCF with a nonprofit or specific charitable purpose designated as the beneficiary. You can start a new fund or create a designated fund for a nonprofit that already has an endowment in place.